Css is not working inside custom Widget

Hi All,
I have create a custom widget where I have used smileys to create a Smiley based rating system.
I am using a custom css to create some effects on the Smileys Selected. The css is added to the asset section of the custom widget.
As a Precaution , I added the same css to page asset as well.
When I run the Page in my local Bonita Studio, it works absolutely perfect.

But when i copy the same page to server, the css effects are not working. Everything else looks same.
Without the effect, the page would be useless.

How to use CSS file in UI Designer?

I was able to import a * .css file into the UI Designer following the documentation provided by BonitaSoft:


But following step by step documentation, I still could not use CSS to edit the content of the Text, my need now is to be able to use the CSS in UI Designer after being imported as an asset?

My UI Designer

Import CSS file into UI Designer

I need to create forms in UI Designer that have the same Layout, is it possible to create a CSS and import it into the form created in UI Designer? Are there any examples of this?

Customize Portal Theme 7.2 Community

Yesterday I tried to edit the portal color from my Bonita installation within the Studio environnement.

I edited files in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.2.3\workspace\default\bonita_home\client\tenants\1\work\theme\portal and it worked well for me instantly.

I wanted to copy this folder on another installation of Bonita on another computer, but at this point, the content is refreshed and reset automaticcaly by Bonita.

Change Default CSS File.

Hello everyone.
My language is Persian and I want to change default CSS file(bonita.css) to another CSS file just when language changed.
(Example different is: Persian language direction is RTL but English is LTR)
please help.
Thanks a lot.

CSS depend on process var


I'm using 5.10.1 version. Sometimes I have done changes in default CSS forms, but now I need one more step, and I dont know how do it.

I need that CSS set a different image and colors at form depending on the type of user. To know the type of user, I need get the value of a process var, but I dont know how do it with Bonita

Some idea?

Thanks and regards

CSS dependiente de variables de proceso

Buenos días,

Estoy usando Bonita 5.10.1. En varias ocasiones he hecho diversos cambios en los CSS de los formularios, pero ahora necesito dar un paso más y no sé cómo puedo hacerlo.

Resulta que necesito que el CSS cargue un logo y unos colores distintos según el usuario que acceda. Para distinguir el tipo de usuario debo consultar una variable del proceso, pero no sé cómo puedo diseñar esto en Bonita.

Alguna idea?

Muchas gracias y saludos.

How to use CSS in BONITA 7? How to modify the height of a text widget or input widget?

Please, I need to modify the height of a text widget.

How to create a class in CSS and use it in UI Designer? This example doesn't work.

Having Trouble Compiling the LESS Files

Bonita version: 6.3.1


I am the UX/UI designer for a company using BonitaSoft, and I need to be able to access the CSS files from the portal-theme. I used two less compilers to attempt this feat, and they both bounced back errors saying that multiple variables were undefined. I read something about needing to compile the main.less file first, but that did not work either, as this error came back:

"You are using JavaScript, which has been disabled. (Line: 153) Filename: mixins.less"

Form With Borders and grids (Look and Feel)

I want modify default form , text fields and check box and all form appearance are to big .

i want a professional look and fill

what should i do for it ?

  1. manipulate the css of Bonita default form
  2. use html widgets .

but in html widgets how can i store data into variables .