it's possible get value from process variable to use in form bonita ?


I try read value from a process variable for use in my form depend of value I show print text and execute validation.

It's possible?


How to link a modifiable simple collection with an attribute in the database?

Hi all,

In my UI I would like to create a list of stats (mean, min, max) so the user can remove them or add a customize stat. I followed this Bonita documentation to create a modifiable simple collection:


What I have is:

Where can I add options for "Select" witget on UI designer

I´m trying to create a form where the user can select the number of the house and room that is renting.
but I don't know where can I add the houses to display that information clicking on the bar.
Please tell me where should I add those alternatives to display them as options.

* house 1
* house 2
* house 3


Selected widget: selected value to BPM

Hi everyone.
I have an UI form with a select widget with various options. I want to obtain the item user selects and return it so I am able to use it on the BPM side. In the UI form setting, I populate the select widget with a JSON string such as

how i can see record data BDM the results of form filling?

after I tried to run diagram using BDM and the UI have been made, I want to check on the incoming data, which will be called within an information table. but I do not know where to look. or what should i do for get all data to value from one table?

does anyone know?

i am using bonita 7.2


How can I show in UI a configurated restriction message ?

Hi to all ( Bonita 7.1.3 with Windows )

I see that if I use a BDM object in a task without a form, if I configure a Restriction in Contract for a field of the object, if the script of validation returns "false", when I execute the task, the message that I wrote at Restriction appears after click in submit button.

If now, I configure a form in the same task ( this form takes directly the attributes of the contract object ), when I execute the task, if the field doesn't pass the validation, the message of Restriction don't appears.

B702 - Button - How best to use the options?

Hi there,

In the UI designer of B7xx there is this thing called a button. It has six options, does anyone have an explanation of each, with a well formed example of each?

Thanks and regards

Having Trouble Compiling the LESS Files

Bonita version: 6.3.1


I am the UX/UI designer for a company using BonitaSoft, and I need to be able to access the CSS files from the portal-theme. I used two less compilers to attempt this feat, and they both bounced back errors saying that multiple variables were undefined. I read something about needing to compile the main.less file first, but that did not work either, as this error came back:

"You are using JavaScript, which has been disabled. (Line: 153) Filename: mixins.less"