Bonita PWA ?

Hello bonita team, thank you for building this cool bpm platform, you had a great job.

I had a simple question.

Bonita UI Designer in application can be responsive, is there possible to build progressive web app using bonita ?

Is there any tutorial to build pwa using bonita ?

Bonita and Iot

Hello Everybody ;
I want to model a process in Bonita which include Iot elements. Actually i think there is not something standard related to Iot so i want to develop a tasks, sources which can represent Iot elements. Do you have an idea from where i can start or there is a previous work in this field or not .thank you-

Application without bpm

Is it possible to create the entire application using just the ui designer and bdm, without using bpm? Or just by external API?

Selected widget: selected value to BPM

Hi everyone.
I have an UI form with a select widget with various options. I want to obtain the item user selects and return it so I am able to use it on the BPM side. In the UI form setting, I populate the select widget with a JSON string such as

Create Reference Data

I have created a small process and can interact with the data contained within the process. I am looking now to extend the application to contain reference data. For example to allow an administrator to create a list of warehouses (CodeWarehouse, DescriptionWarehouse) outside of a process (but within the bdm), that a user then must select from within the process via a dropdown list within the form..

Mobile App Development Platform


I'd like to know if Bonitasoft has plans to extend its BPM solution as a Mobile App Development Platform in future versions.


Murat Aras

How to read data using db connector into business variable?

I would like to read data from an external MS SQL database using a connector and map the result into a business variable.

I have created a new Business Object called 'MyObject' with attributes 'ID' (integer) and 'Status' (String).
Then I created a Pool Business variable called 'loadedMyObjects' of type 'MyObject' and I set the flag 'IsMultiple' as true so it should be a collection of 'MyObject' instances.

My workflow diagram consists of a Start event connected to a Service Task and finally an End event.

Question with automatic forms on tutorial documentation travel request. Bonita BPM 7.1.0

Hi all!

I have a problem to run the example travel request with temporary forms.

When I start the process, complete the first form and click on the start button. The system shows me the following error message:

I can not cancel or delete a timer event. HELP

I have a case running like in a loop and I can't stop or delete. I'm using bonita 5.9 jboss bundle. os Red hat, oracleXE 11g.
When I see the log I figured out this 3 errors happen when I try to delete or cancel the case:

Assigning Role Back to User in BPM

Hi all,

I have a bpm scenario in which workflow want to be generated in the following way. In pool level i have two lanes.In Lane 1 i set the actor as admin,where i defined the form,when the user enters the form and click on the Assign option the following data want to assign to the other actor ie., james in lane 2.

Now Lane 2 Actor receives the form.In Lane 2 there are 2 submit options, when the user enters the back to admin option the data need to move back to the admin.I am failing to send back the data to the admin.Some one help me to resolve my issue.