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[Help] Travel Request won't Submit shows [] and the Log as shown to you.

I have an issue here and i just started to learn this BonitaSoft some days ago.

Now i try to run a sample Process before i continue with the main form and it does not Run, Instead it just shows an array along the line and when i tried , it just shows an array like this [ ]

I crosschecked with the Log so I found this again there hence I decided to put this on here before I continue further. Log now looks like this

tomcat servlet error 500 bad syntax


To get started with bonita I followed the travel tool implementation video at
Everything went fine but after deploying the project when clicking the 'Create new travel request' a server 500 error is reported.

Sample Application - Travel Tool: Submit Button does not work

I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.1.4
Build id : 7.1.4

I am trying to create the sample application Travel Tool.

  1. The travel tool home page appears showing pending and approved travel requests.
    URL: http://localhost:13130/bonita/apps/trs/trshome/

Travel request - Manager's empty form

Hi,Im working with Bonita 6.3.4
I did the "Getting started tutorial - Travel request" and when i run the process
I filled the form by helen.kelly, but when I check the manager's task list, the form for travel request review is displayed empty !

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Question with automatic forms on tutorial documentation travel request. Bonita BPM 7.1.0

Hi all!

I have a problem to run the example travel request with temporary forms.

When I start the process, complete the first form and click on the start button. The system shows me the following error message:

Issues to create a contract on Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation.

I am studying the Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation by following the tutorial to understand how to create new applications Workflow. Even would like to congratulate once again all staff BonitaSoft, I get more and more excited about the tool. During these studies, I found a part of the documentation that may have been a little misunderstanding.