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Unit testing for 6.4


I would like to know if Bonita BPM Community 6.4(.0) has any support for unit testing and how I would go about doing them.

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ldap bonita 6.5

Hi there,

Am new to using Bonita's connectors. trying to use latest community version of bonita (6.5). how do I create an ldap connector to query for 'memberof' attribute of ldap. it seems like we have to write a custom script ?

Thanks in advance

Populate select widget from a DB with Bonita Open Solution 6.4.2

hi i'm looking to populate widget from a database just like the tutorial in this link which use the bonita 5.* thanks a lot

How to handle attachment


How can I use multiple attachment in Bonita 6.3, and if possible with example?

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How to achieve translations in Bonita web forms

Hi Team,

I am new to Bonita BPM. In my project I need to show bonita webforms labels and messages on webform in different languages. I don't know how to achieve that in Bonita. I am using Bonita 6.3.9 Subscription version. In my project we are using WCF Soap services (.net) as Connectors and Groovy scripts for other opertaions.

Please help me out on this.

How to change securely an app attachment


I want to update the version of several documents that are embebbed on an app, In Bonita 5.x I did this with the Bonita UserXP but in Bonita 6 this option is no longer avaliable, there is a way using the API or something for doing this?. The only way what I can use now is compiling a new version of the app, but this is not desirable in a production environment.

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Alfresco - When will Bonita support Alfresoc 5.x?

Hi Bonita,

when will Bonita support Alfresco 5.x?

Is there a way of separating the "interfaces" to third party tools so they can be upgraded quickly (or quicker) than the core product? For example Jasper, Alfresco, SalesForce etc...

Many thanks and best regards Seán

Call data from MS SQL and view in bonitasoft form

Hi, I wanna ask about MS SQL and bonitasoft. I have a scenario here. If I login a form, how do I retrieve data from database in my first form? For example, I login into the apps, the form will view my name, my personal info from database. I hope anyone here can help me.


LDAP + Bonita 6.2