Can we automatically add default connectors-in and connectors-out(for a step/station) while making a new step/station?

I am looking for adding default connector definitions for each of the steps/station I create for a process, the definition of connector-in and connector-out is going to be same for each step/station, so is there any way that I can add connectors definition to the station definition by-default instead of just adding the connectors on each station?

How to create mail notification task inside a process using BPM Java API?

I'm new to Bonita BPM Java API; I want to create a process on the fly from my web app with some tasks and a notification mail should send at the end of the process.

Can somebody please help with any sample application in latest version (Bonita 7.5) OR documentation to how to create connector and send mail at the end of the process.

Get connectors of a process Instance through REST

I want to retrieve the connectors attached to a process Instance. I'm trying with this: /bonita/API/bpm/connectorInstance?p=0&f=caseId={caseID}

but the filter does not work. I know the documentation doesn't refer to this filter (, but I can't seem to be able to get the connectors of only that process instance any other way. I have tried /API/bpm/connectorInstance?p=0&c=10&f=id%3d{caseId}, as suggested in the docs, but with no luck.

openkm connector problems


I use bonitasoft 7.3 and I need to upload files in openKM 6.3 I use the connector 1.0.
I use the connector to upload file but when I uploaded the file this doesn´t appear in openKM.
First I used the example in the openKM page but is the same problem.
Is necesary a .jar file to connect bonitasoft whit openKM?
I don´t know which is the problem.


Execution Sequence - Connectors in Initialization???

According to Execution Sequence and States there is only one place Initialization Connectors execute (Step 11)

Process instantiation form interaction

JDBC Connector, SQL Query and available variables


I can use simple variables in my SQL queries inside JDBC connectors using ${ varname }.
Are complex variables available? Like objects from the BDM or java.util.List?

Is the SQL Query a velocity template or a groovy GString interpolation?


How to write on database at the end of a process? [SOLVED]

Hi, I am using Bonita BPM and i developed an API extension. I also added a postgres db storing business data (products and so), leaving to Bonita the process handling.
My environment involves two processes:
- the main process
- a subprocess

My issue is the following:
what's the right way to trigger an update to my database each time the subprocess instance is completed? I would like to, say, change the state of the product involved in the subprocess.

Are there any plans to create a Zapier connector?

Are there any plans to create a Zapier connector? Or maybe there are any possibility to connect to other similar services?

JDBC MS Sql connector resultset "SQLServerResultSet cannot be cast to"

Hi All

Hoping you can help me on this?

I have a MS SQL 2012 connector with a basic TSQL query

SELECT iSiteID, cSiteName
FROM SiteCustomers

It work fine as an out of "array" i get the results in a list.list but when I want to change the array variable to a resultset variable i get an error

org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: USERNAME=install | java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to


I'm new to Bonita and just downloaded the latest version to try it out but I noticed that the Sharepoint connector was not available. Which version of Bonita BPM can be integrated with Sharepoint?