openkm connector problems



I use bonitasoft 7.3 and I need to upload files in openKM 6.3 I use the connector 1.0.
I use the connector to upload file but when I uploaded the file this doesn´t appear in openKM.
First I used the example in the openKM page but is the same problem.
Is necesary a .jar file to connect bonitasoft whit openKM?
I don´t know which is the problem.


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See here:

Please note though this is for 6.x and not proven to work with 7.x. Please try it and if it works great. If not then you will have to contact the creators of the connector direct (OpenKM) and get them to verify it with 7.x.

We know it works with 6.x but we went a different route with 7.x,


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