JDBC Connector, SQL Query and available variables


I can use simple variables in my SQL queries inside JDBC connectors using ${ varname }.
Are complex variables available? Like objects from the BDM or java.util.List?

Is the SQL Query a velocity template or a groovy GString interpolation?


Where i can get simple View, Insert, Update, Delete tutorial using bonita with MySQL?

Hello... i'm still newbie with Bonita, I need tutorial how to make web service using bonita to View (in table), Insert, Update, and Delete data from MySQL database using JDBC Connector.
Where I can get the tutorial?
Tutorial with any bonita version 7.x, 6.x, 5.x will much appreciated...

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JDBC Datasource connector to Insert into a database with a prepared statement

Author : Frederic KREBS

Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Example works with

  • Postgresql
  • Bonita BPM 6.5.3

Example installation

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01.00.00 6.5.x 2015-Jun-12 Download
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Connection Error with Bonita BPM 6.5, Tomcat 7 and SQL Server 2012


I've been trying to set up the Tomcat Bundle of Bonita BPM 6.5 and have run into an issue with SQL Server 2012. I'm using JDBC version 4.0. The tables are created in the database and the pool is created but the application can't connect to it. I've followed the guide located here for setting up the application and database and have redeployed everything multiple times but there seems to be something missing that's causing this problem. Some of the error logs are as follows: Bonita:

How to get data from the Form

I create custom connector for write data into database . now i create one from :'emp_details' how can i get this form's data into connector . for write this form data into database

Let take Clear example :

one from : emp_detail fields on that form : name , address

connector i created code is as follow , so how can i pass forms field into this preparedstatement's query

/** * */ package org.mycompany.connector;

unable to run an oracle query

Hello, I currently testing bonita in order to chose a BPM solution for our firm. But I have a problem connecting to my oracle database (oraclient 11h and ojdbc6) with Bonita 6.2.1 community edition I set a connector like this :

bsi_HEI_3 error whilst trying to use BS with OpenEdge


I'm having problems with getting my JDBC to be correctly used in a Bonitasoft installation (5.10.1).

So far I've downloaded and added the DataDirect JDBC for OpenEdgeProgress as per their instructions, including adding the CLASSPATH value to the server ( MS Windows 2008 R2 server).

I can open BS and invoke a test call within the Connector dialog boxes to quiz the server/database/table and extract the details I'm wanting, but when I try to use if on the desktop or server, it fails to work.

BOS 5.10.1 to Openedge Progress

I'm trying to connect a BOS 5.10.1 installation on a Windows 2008 R2 server via JDBC.

Other Windows processes use ODBC to complete this task, and so I've been given those settings to c configure the JDBC. I've also had the DB Admin confirm the case settings as correct, just in case it was case sensitive.

My settings are

Server : lwsv03dev02 Port : 30050 Database : pinsys User : “report” Password : “report” Query: “select * from repcode”

so using the "JDBC -- Execute a query on any DB using JDBC"