Bonita 6.5

Process Start Permission to a specific user and Process DeadLine

I need to permit a user to decide, who is the process iniciator to a called process from his process and determinate a deadline for the process iniciator. How i can do this? In process actor definition, dont have a valor input for variables...
Im using Bonita 6.5, later i will migrate all project to 7.0~
Sorry for making two questions in one, but saves time in this way

Using a bar file in a custom application that does not use forms (community edition)

How can I leverage using the studio to model and create new processes when I want to use my own custom forms instead of ones provided by Bonita 6.5? Am I able to import a bar file created using bonita studio (without the forms?) and be able to integrate it with my forms. Alternatively can I import my forms into bonita studio and be able to use them. Could you provide details of how this could be approached? I am trying to use the engine API for integration with my application.

Trigger intermediate event based on dynamic value

Hi guys,

I was wondering how one would go about triggering an intermediate event based on a dynamic boolean value fetched from a db on a script task.

Any thoughts?

Access control functionalities in Bonita 6.5

Hello I would like to know what are the control access functionalities in Bonita . Is the prinicple of least privilege applied automatically ? Thank you

Bonita multiple fields autofill


I have a suggest box field who's values are fetched from a database, as follows:

ldap bonita 6.5

Hi there,

Am new to using Bonita's connectors. trying to use latest community version of bonita (6.5). how do I create an ldap connector to query for 'memberof' attribute of ldap. it seems like we have to write a custom script ?

Thanks in advance

bonita 6.5 angular

Is the angularjs api for bonita 6.5 open to community edition ? If so, is there documentation somewhere ?

Thanks, K

Classloaders in Bonita 6: Are different bar-Archives with different versions of connectors possible?

Hello Bonita Team,

thank you for providing the Bonita 6 series that enable enormous productivity gains over traditional software development!

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