Handle document list (delete / add) with 7.2



I have a process with a document list. The document list is created on the instantiaction form.

In one of the human tasks a user should be able to view / add / delete his documents. I first changed formInput to a Javascript expression to get the documents from the context (and other REST API variables):

return {
    "marchePublicRequestInput": $data.marchePublicRequest,
    "newStatus": "resend",
    "piecesJointesInput": $data.context.piecesJointes_ref

I also have an empty JSON object newDocuments

In the form I have a container iterating on $data.formInput.piecesJointesInput displaying links to the document and a delete $item button. I then added a container on newDocuments with fileupload widget.

The formOutput merge the two collections:

return {
    'marchePublicRequestInput': $data.formInput.marchePublicRequestInput,
    'newStatus': $data.formInput.newStatus,
      $data.formInput.piecesJointesInput == null ?
         $data.nouvellesPiecesJointes :

In the operations I am trying to write a groovy script to handle this mix of existing / new documents but I do not really know where to start (I read this thread but this works for a single document). My groovyscript tries to iterate over the input but I don't know how to handle this exactly? Can I detect object type and create my documentValue from this?

Any hint welcome (or a better solution than this one!).


Submitted by g.lapierre on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 13:40

In fact my solution (merging two arrays) does not work as this does not pass contract validation process (existing document cannot be converted to FILE).

A solution would be to have two contract input: one for new documents and one for existing ones. That one should be a multiple complex type variable.

Then the groovy script in the operation should merge the two contract inputs to the global document list.

There should be a better way to handle a list of document...

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The solution I got with is the one described in the comment.

On the contract have 2 multiple inputs:

  • existingDocumentsInput : COMPLEX. You need at least an id attribute (integer).
  • newDocumentsInput : FILE

In the UI Designer:

Change formInput from JSON to Javascript Expression returning a JSON object. existingDocumentsInput should be context document list reference.

Add an iterating container list of links for existingDocumentsInput so user can review its documents. Link text is {{ $item.fileName }}, link URL is "/bonita/portal/" + $item.url and target should be _top to avoid leaving current form. Add a delete button for this $collection of the $item.

Add an iterating container list of upload file widgets for newDocumentsInput so user can add new documents. Do not forget add/delete buttons to your liking!

In the studio

Add an operation for your list of documents. You need a groovy script to merge existingDocumentsInput and newDocumentsInput. The script I wrote is:

import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.DocumentValue;

// Reconstruire la liste des pièces-jointes à partir du résultat
List<DocumentValue> documentsMerged = new ArrayList<DocumentValue>();
DocumentValue dv;

existingDocumentsInput.each { pj ->
    // pj is a java.util.Map
    Integer documentId = pj.get("id");
    dv = new DocumentValue( documentId );

newDocumentsInput.each { pj ->
    // pj is a FileInputValue
    dv = new DocumentValue( pj.getContent(), null, pj.getFileName() );

return documentsMerged;

Hope this helps. If you have another (hopefully better) solution to handle document lists in tasks I very would like to hear of them!


Submitted by g.lapierre on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 14:42

code formating seems to be lost :(

Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 09:06

Hi g.lapierre

you are alife saver. I have been trying to do so for many days but always getting the same error that you mentioned earlier.
You code seems to work for me. Thanks a lot.
here is my question that I had posted

Here is another article i came across --

good but didnt work for me

Thanks a lot..