Get the case history through REST API


We are planning to use the community version of BonitaBPM.
In the documentation of the REST API, I didn't see any way to get the complete history of a case.
Is it possible in the community edition to get the history of a case or do we need to upgrade our subscription to be able te make an API extension ?

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how to configure bonita core and history database to oracle database


i m using bonitasoft community version 6.2

is it possible to configure bonitasoft core and history data as oracle 10g database . by default

pl suggest thanks kandarp

Preserving case histories over migration from 5.x to 6.x


I want to migrate the portal from 5.x to 6.x. Is it possible to do this in a way that means that once I have migrated, I can view on the new 6.x portal the history of cases which were completed in the old 5.x user experience?