core database

DataBase connector error

hello , i m using bonitasoft 6.3 community .

and Two oracle database server . one is production and one is test .

on my test server i m tried to connect it is successfully run , but when i tried to connect to different server (prod) it gives error .

as database side there are all GRANT same for both database . so how can i resolve this problem .

error is as follow : error

how to configure bonita core and history database to oracle database


i m using bonitasoft community version 6.2

is it possible to configure bonitasoft core and history data as oracle 10g database . by default

pl suggest thanks kandarp

How to configure whole system database to my external database

how to transfer/configure Bonita's core database data to external oracle database

thanks .

How to Access and Use bonitasoft Core database , Java API

I downloaded bonitasoft 6.2 for a first time comuunity version .

i m total new in this field .

i want to send email regarding that perticular case id , creation date , logged user name , etc core data which is stored in bonitasoft's core database (h2) i guess , so how can i use this details .

i want to mail this detail to logged user email id .