[API] How to get the groups of a user?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get the groups of the logged user. However, the only possibility that I have found is getting the users of a group, and I want the opposite relation.
It is possible to do this with Bonita API? I tried multiple combinations but I didn't get the expected result.


LoggedUserId inconsistency

Im trying to get FirstName, LastName and Password from a current user. Im using LoggedUserId.value to get his ID. but only worked one time. In Bonita Engine Log appers this:
"depends on loggedUserId is neither defined in the script nor in dependencies."
or sometimes appears:.
"groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: loggedUserId for class: Script1".

How to use loggedUserId in Bonita 7.2.3?

My problem is simple. I need to get the userId of the currenty user "performing" the script activity. In the documentation says that loggedUserId is among the provided variables, but it's not in the provided variables in the groovy script editor. I'm using the Community Edition.
How can i get the id?