Connecteur Alfresco - CMIS : Savoir si un dossier existe déjà

Je souhaite créer un plan de classement de façon dynamique dans Alfresco à partir de Bonita. Mais je rencontre un problème quand un dossier existe déjà, le connecteur CMIS se met en erreur. Je ne trouve pas de connecteur qui permet de détecter l’existence d'un dossier. Comment peut on éviter l'erreur?
Merci pour vos réponses

Bonita Community Edition 7.3 - Several Troubles

Hi, everyone! I am new at Bonita and i have some issues, which i couldn't find a solution yet. So I thought to ask for your help.
Anyway, my troubles is the following:

CMIS Connector for upload list of documents is missing


I watched with great interest the webinar Managing documents and workflow by coupling BPM + ECM and was very enthused by the CMIS connector that uploads multiple documents at once.

For some reason, this CMIS connector does not appear in my list.

cmis connector session

Hi Devs,

I am using bonita 7.0.1, as I can see that the cmis available connectors are killing the session within one task, can't be carried out to next adjacent task. Is there any way that I can edit the implementation, or any smart ways to get the sessions out of the task?


CMIS connector


in one of my process, I have to drop a file in Nuxeo via the CMIS connector. Randomly connector fails. This is a multi-instantiated sub-processes. Sometimes the deposit crashes when instantiating the first but the second process step. Sometimes it's the opposite ...

I see this in the logs: