Alfresco and BonitaSoft

Upload .docx file in Alfresco folder Problem

I want to upload folder using bonita connector in folder path like Repository> News> Hello> folder. Its uploading all other format files like .pdf .png .jpg but its not uploading .docx file. Its uploading .docx file when folder path is like Repository> News> folder. Its giving error like.


Bonita Community Edition 7.3 - Several Troubles

Hi, everyone! I am new at Bonita and i have some issues, which i couldn't find a solution yet. So I thought to ask for your help.
Anyway, my troubles is the following:

[RESOLVED] Dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector

How can I make a dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector, so that the path is not always the same?
For example, I need to make a new folder in Alfresco whenever the process is started so that the documents for the process would be saved as in tree hierarchy as in /User%20Homes/BPM/Process1, /User%20Homes/BPM/Process2 etc.

Get Error when I try to store a file in Alfresco 5.0 or create a directory using Soap Service

I am new to Bonitasoft, I've created a SOAP web services that I tested before and it's working.
This is the configuration's parameters in Bonita connector Soap Web Services
** I'm using Bonita 7.2 and Alfresco 5.0 **

Form Configuration

The form have only a TextField and Button for calling web service and creating a Directory in Alfresco.
output operator : folderName Task value of : field_foldername

This is the connector configuration "Soap Web service"

cmis connector session

Hi Devs,

I am using bonita 7.0.1, as I can see that the cmis available connectors are killing the session within one task, can't be carried out to next adjacent task. Is there any way that I can edit the implementation, or any smart ways to get the sessions out of the task?


How to upload a file alfresco with Bonita some reference code

please a page with a manual upload files with alfresco through BonitaSoft not want to help me official since there is not much information

Thank You So Much