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Hi All,

We're starting out with Bonita and have followed the getting started and example projects.

However, we have a scenario where based on form data entered, we may need to have the user answer more questions.

These currently look like this:

- "Review case details" -> "Is Client [x]" -> "If Yes: Capture extra data".

We find it more efficient to capture the information while the process is beng run. How would you guys recommend this is approached?

Many thanks.


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This one is the BEST answer!


In your situation, the best is to ask the complementary question in the form, to not create a new task AFTER.

1/ First proposition

Thanks to AngularJS, in the UI Designer form, you can detect that you need more answers, then show up the question.

Example, I create a JAVASCRIPT variable named "formControl":

var formControl = { "showAdditionnalQuestion" : false }

if ($ == "FRANCE")

formControl.showAdditionnalQuestion = true;

return formControl

then, create a Container, and in the Hidden property, give " ! formControl.showAdditionnalQuestion"

That's it: the additional question is visible only when the country is France

2/ Second proposition

If you have to do some back-office control, then you can implement them via a REST API. Then, you still can ask the additional question in the same task

3/ By the process

If you have to execute some back office in the process, then create a second task in your process.

You can use an Actor Filter to specify which user can realize the task. You can specify that the same user who executes task 1 must execute Task 2

I don't like so much this way because the user valid the task, and then another task comes. if the user has a lot of tasks, he may see the additional task some hour after.

last, if the user goes to vacation, the second task may be executed after multiple days.


Submitted by lee.falls_1418575 on Tue, 01/07/2020 - 11:57

Great thanks Pierre-yves. We'll take a look see what we can do.

On the face of it, I think option 1 would likely be the answer for us.