How can i use external URL form for human task with bonita 7


I want to use external form instead of UIDesigner form for human task. For my test i create a simple test with one human task and i write in the human task -> form -> URL : "www.google.com"

When i launch the process and come to this form i get an Error 500.

Do you know how i can use external form ? or where i can find documentation about it for bonita 7 ?


My process stops if I write on any attribute of any business data

Hi, I just installed Bonita and tried some starter example (so no changes on general configuration were made). My problem is that every time I try to write some attribute of any business variable is like if the process would stop.

Get BDM objects of an archived case


I need to get the BDM objects of an archived case.
Using ../API/bdm/businessDataReference/{{caseId}}/{{myObject}} works for an active case but not for an archived.
What is the API to use? I didn't find it in the documentation.

Thanks in advance,

Is there a way to define form (page) event such as open, refresh, focus etc in Bonita?

In Bonitasoft, we can implement our own handlers for the the task events when task is entered or exit to next step, such event called Connectors in, Connectors out. The limitation is that Connectors in is called only when the task is entered, not whenever the form(page) is opened. This is an important distinction. A task is entered only once, even though the form might be re-opened numerous times while the task is being worked on. Is there a way to
catch the form open/refresh events etc?

Drools connector in bonita, any assistance for version 7.0.1, any ways to process my rules in Bonita?

Hi, I am researching that whether I can access my rule file with bonita to a task, do I have to write a custom connector for that , or the available connector will help to do the same?

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7.1 - Access connectors dynamically on multi-page forms

I am working with Bonita BPM 7.1, starting to build multi-page forms. It looks like the database connector functionality provides what I need in terms of querying an external database. However, I need to access the connector dynamically within the page. For example, first page-> Select person last Name, second page -> display list of matching people with selection. So between these steps I need to execute a parameterized query to the database. I can build a connector-in, but it always runs before the form.

7.1 - Multiple steps(forms) in a user task

So, I am new to BonitaSoft and I am using the 7.1 version to attempt to create a process. However, it looks like the functionality to create multi-step wizzards (next/previous buttons, multiple forms associated with a single task) are not supported by the UI designer. Am I correct? Was this functionality removed? What is the alternative? Are there examples of how to do this?

Bonita 7 - Screen Flashing on Datepicker Popup


I created a simple form using the drag-and-drop UI designer in Bonita 7 with a title and a datepicker. In preview mode, the form works as expected. However, when I deploy the page and view it in the portal (via attaching the page to a custom app), the elements on the page disappear when the datepicker popup opens. I'm not using any custom code, JS, CSS, etc. Please help!

Bonita Version: 7.0.0
Browser: Chrome 45.0.2454.85 m


InvalidSessionException calling REST API


I'm using BonitaBPM 7.0.2 CE. I've developed some custom REST services using the REST API Extension framework, and I have a couple of Custom Pages which call the REST services. I've noticed that if I log out of the portal and then login with a different user ID, the Custom Page gets this exception when it calls the REST API: Error calling REST Service: error = org.bonitasoft.engine.session.InvalidSessionException.

Widget FileUpload


espero me puedan ayudar con este error que se me presenta en bonita pm comunnity 7.0.3, antes que nada este procesos funciona bien en la versión 7.0.2

Tengo un proceso en el cual debo de cargar un documento adjunto, defino un documento el cual toma el valor del contrato, el archivo se debe de subir al inicio del proceso, al momento de hacer clic en enviar me arroja el siguiente error java.lang.NullPointerException no entiendo a que se deba esto si el proceso funciona de la misma forma en bonita community 7.0.2 y no arroja ninguna error.