bonita 7.4

How can we check user permissions ?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to understand how REST API's permissions work with Bonita 7.4, if someone can provide any info it would be nice :)

So here's what I understood :

Bonita 7.4 compatibility matrix

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding Hardware requirements.
On the documentation page ( here

), we can see that Bonita 7.4 is compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 64 bits and PostgreSQL 9.3

What about compatibility upward ?
Can I install a community version on :
* Red Hat 7.2 ?
* PostgreSQL 9.4 ?

Thank you for your support :)

Bonita 7.4 / WildFly 10.1.0 - Error when resuming BPM services

Hi all,
I having issues after upload and install the I'm not able to resume the BPM service. I guess something is wrong with the XA datasource but not sure what is exactly. I followed the steps in this link to install and configure the database (oracle 11g R2 express edition). Any help is appreciated, Here is the log of the error:

Thank you!