Process Diagram URL


In the Bonita Portal, it's possible to see a the Diagram of a process (via Monitor, then click on View Diagram) - Subscription feature I assume.

The URL to access it is


But this URL does not return only the diagram, but the complete page (with the menu).

What is the URL to see the diagram only?

I want to create a

to display it in my page.

It's not part of the Portal URL documentation.

Thank you,

Lista de Tareas

En el portal en ejecución, es posible que la lista de tareas se está actualizando automáticamente cada cierto tiempo?, para que las tareas aparezcan solas sin necesidad de darle "reload"?

Change portal look and feel

Incompatiable with Chrome 60

yesterday i updated my chrome (59) to chrome 60 then Bonital BPM Portal (studio and wildfily server both ) did not work with it.
i can only read the any info but can not write any data back ,such as change user data etc.

other browsers IE and firefox work well.

i use Bonita BPM 7.5 with Wildfly.

please check it

How will I force the user to comment in bonita


I want to force the user to encode a comment in the comment tab when they will reject the task. The comment tab I am talking about is the default comment tab in bonita when viewing the task not the custom comment input.

Please help.


jQuery version upgrade on portal

Hello community

By default, Bonita uses jQuery v1.6.4 on Portal and all process pages. I would like to use some custom widgets, which require jQuery v1.8+

Is there any way to upgrade jQuery version? I tried manually change BonitaConsole.html file, but look&feel crashes...

Thanks in advance,

Due date for task


When a person has a task on the portal, the due date that the person has to perform that task appears.
Is there any way to hide or disable the due date for a person to perform a task within the portal?.
In my case, there is not a due date for the tasks.



Bonita Portal


I need to know how to store a field for a department name within the Bonita Portal. Is there a field for this portal currently in Bonita?



What is the URL for accessing Bonita Portal, if Jboss Bundle Installed on Linux

I installed the Jboss bundle on Linux, though terminal. I tried accessing Bonita Portal through :8080/bonita. I am getting "Unable to connect'.

Can anyone please tell me if I need to access some different port/url. Thank you.