LDAP Active Directory authentication

Does bonita support out of the box ldap over SSL ?


I'd like to know if Bonita supports out of the box LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for

  • user authentication (via jaas)
  • synchronization (via Ldap Synchroniser)

What additional configuration should I do? How and where?

I'm interested for the version 7.3 and future versions as well.


Ldap Autentication for 7.5.4 community edition

Hi, it is possible change the authentication local to ldap directory in "bonitasoft" community edition.

Active Directory - Changing Bonita BPM authentication service

In 7.5 Community Version , to change the BPM authentication service, the documentation says "edit bonita-tenant-sp-custom.properties" , but this file does not exist
Where can it be found or can you explain how to do for changing authentication.service.ref.name to jaasAuthenticationService


How to use Ldap synchronizer to push membership data?

Hello, I am using the Bonita Team work edition, and it is my first time using the subscription version.
I used the Ldap Synchronizer to map the user data, but I am not sure how I can push Membership data such as organization group and organization role.
In the mapper.properties file, I could only set General Informations, Professional Informations, Personnal Informations. How can I push membership data to bonita?