Bonita BPM 7.3 beta is coming!

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We are excited to announce the upcoming Bonita BPM 7.3 beta release!

Starting from April 29 (delayed to unsure completeness, will keep you posted) you will be able to test and explore the latest version of our product.

Bonita BPM 7.3 includes enhancements to the UI Designer, a re-designed task list, platform installation improvement to ease deployment, consistent data backup and more.

Before the beta testing program begins on April 29 (delayed to unsure completeness, will keep you posted), we'll share all the details: how to get your copy of the beta version of Bonita BPM 7.3, what is in it, how to report issues, and so on.

We value your feedback, and we appreciate your time to help us ensure we release the best possible product.

Stay tuned for more news by following us here or via @bonitasoft and @antoinemottier.