Bonita Studio 2021.1 slowness is fixed

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Some of you might have faced slowness with Bonita Studio. 2021.1. A fix has been included as a patch to Bonita Studio 2021.1

You just need to download Bonita Studio 2021.1 again and install it to resolve the issue.

What is changing with the maintenance versions?

New releases will continue to be rolled out on a 6-month cycle to provide new values. And the technical components of Bonita will keep their semantic versioning numbers.

Nevertheless maintenance versions are now dedicated to Enterprise Edition and they will be taggued yyyy.#-mmdd like 2021.1-0212 for the maintenance release of Feb 12th, based on the first minor release of 2021.1.

In case of critical issue like the Bonita Studio slowness, a patch will be provided on the Community Edition minor version. The other bug fixes will be included in the next minor release.