Join us! We are hiring a community development specialist

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You're already a Bonita expert; you know how to make Bonita do great things for your applications.

Here is your chance to work your expertise on the inside, and make Bonita even better for other Bonita developers to do great things for their applications!


The Developer Marketing and Community development specialist is working in the marketing department, reporting to the VP of Product Marketing.

You will develop & enlarge our community, and you are the ambassador of our open-source platform.

  • As the Developer Marketing & Community development specialist, you will be responsible for our marketing adoption funnel, drive our brand awareness and grow Bonitasoft’s community.

  • You will be working together with our Community Manager to improve the adoption rate of our product, help them to build quality apps/cases, and eventually drive business success.

You are a Guerrilla marketing genius, and you know how to convince people to adopt our solution.

  • You know how to add ‘spices’ into your marketing tactics to make your communication impactful, unconventional and different.

  • You understand your audience, you know how to segment them, where to find them and develop acquisition & engagement strategies accordingly, by designing and executing programs, creative marketing campaigns and other initiatives, content across different channels.

You know how to talk with, engage, and help our community members, and importantly, you ‘know’ them.

  • You are very good at the developer’s language – Blockchain, Java and other languages specificities, frameworks, queries, scrum, pull requests, forks, IDE, etc.

  • And you know how to use those languages to communicate with our community members – by Blog posts, Forum,Webinar, BonitaCamp, Events, Conferences, etc.

  • You are familiar with DPA, BPM, Low Code, Devops, Continuous Development, Living Applications. Microservices, etc.

  • You will immerse yourself in the Bonitasoft community to understand their needs and will envision programs and initiatives that will maximize reach, benefits, and impact of our product at scale.

You are analytical, while being creative and ‘wild’.

  • Being creative doesn't mean you are not organised. You are data-driven and you are keen to understand, to analyze, to learn, to bring new ideas, to grow not only as an individual but also as a team.

Your daily life as a Developer Marketing and Community development specialist at Bonitasoft

  • Manage and make our B2D (Developer) social accounts alive, and leverage them to create traffic to our website.

  • Develop & execute multi-channels strategy (social media, emailings, forum, github and others such as tiktok, instagram, Reddit, youtube, Quora, Clubhouse,etc. ) to grow the community of BonitaSoft on a Global scale.

  • Be creative in finding new and effective ways to engage new community members.

  • Identify and map top influencers to our community, engage them and execute strategies to efficiently acquire top influencers

  • Work closely with the Community Manager to animate the community, help with the Q&As, feedback escalations, etc.

  • Manage the events calendar (webinar, techchat, hackathons, conference, meetups, etc.) and execute hosted and industry events in terms of content creation, internal and external communications, and event logistics.

  • Actively promote Bonitasoft’s community amongst international & local partners (Academic programs, universities, alumni networks, coworking spaces, tech communities, meetups and influencers) and co-build content and events to raise Bonitasoft’s awareness among these audiences.

  • Scope out the need and, if applicable, roll out new locally relevant channels (Bonitasoft applicable regions & countries) needed to drive programs in the region, and manage impact tracking and reporting (effectiveness and investment return analysis).