Removal of features in Bonita 7.9

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As you know each versions of Bonita brings a set of new and improved features.

That’s why we regularly go through all existing features in the product and identify the ones which should be replaced with better alternatives.

By decommissioning unused features, we’ll make the platform easier to use and maintain so we can focus on the core features.

You will find below a list of feature that will be removed in the future Bonita 7.9 release:

  • Alfresco connectors
    Those connectors are only compatible with Alfresco 4.2 which has been deprecated in June 2018 and will be out of support by May 2019. CMIS 1.1. connectors or REST API proposed by Alfresco can be used instead.

  • 32 Bits installers
    As 32 bits architectures are supported by less and less OS, 32 Bits installers will be removed from download.

  • EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) support
    EJB technology is less used and increases the number of dependencies and the size of the package. You can use the latest release supporting EJB (7.8) while getting rid of dependencies on EJB.