A groovy reminder about the use of Groovy in Bonita

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In the Bonita documentation, you'll find a How-to article to help you with the use of Groovy, the scripting language used in Bonita in addition to Java.

Groovy was chosen as the scripting language because it is:

  • Concise, readable and has an expressive syntax, so it's easy to learn for Java developers
  • Seamlessly and transparently integrates and interoperates with Java and third-party libraries

Our How-to will tell you everything about the way to use Groovy scripts in Bonita and ease your Java developer life.

It also details use case examples such as:

  • Instantiate a business data
  • list business objects using DAO
  • update a business data
  • search for task instances
  • get CustomerUserInfo value for a user

If you are beginning with Groovy, I know the temptation would be high to use Java code along with Groovy... but if you do, you'll loose the real benefit of Groovy: to develop faster !

So it's worth some time to read this useful How-to and start using Groovy in Bonita.