Assign a process variable in a REST API variable in the UI Designer, is it possible?


I have a login screen where according to the user that is logging I need to display only the companies that he / she attends, I was able to assign to a process variable the respective company code to the user who accessed the system and I have a BDM where all the Registered companies are already available to be displayed in the UI Designer but I do not know how to display the companies that have the same code as the user that is accessing, so I thought of creating a API REST variable that would only return companies with the same code , But I can not put a process variable in this query, is it possible?

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No, but you may find it easier to write a Custom REST API for this case.

See here:

This refers to Subscription but if you export a REST extension you should be able to develop your own for Community.


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But in this example he has in the forum he was able to display the contents of a process variable (In array format) in UI Designer:

But I did not understand how he managed to do this