Authorization for a User Group

I have a task that must be approved by a group of users. If any non-authorized user task may not proceed to the next step, but if all authorized users in that group then we can continue with the process.

How do you perform this functionality? How I can state that everyone must authorize one task in common so you can continue the process?

Right now my process goes to the next step, only that any authorized user, and I need everyone authorized, otherwise the task is rejected.

Thank you for your help.
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I would suggest to define a multi-instantiated step. Each user will have one instance to perform and process will not continue until each one perform is own instance.

Cretion of instance can be dynamic and can use a list of user name. This list of user name can then be used to set step variable value (one user name). The value will be different for each instance. A filter can use the variable value to assign the task to a specifc user.

Hope this helps.

Antoine Mottier, Bonitasoft consultant