bonita bpm 6.x

close the web browser tab, once the form have been submitted


I want to close the web browser tab, once the form have been submitted by clicking the submit button.

how can I achieve this?; I would appreciate your help !!!

Connect to remote engine via Java API throw Exception (6.x)

I have one Java application standalone trying connect to one remote engine (Bonita JBOSS Bundle 6.x), but I get one Exception. I am using two jar for the conection: bonita-client-6.0.2 and bonita-common-6.0.1.jar.

Please, continue read the quesion on stackoverflow --->

Create instances of process from Java (step by step)


I need to create instances of one process deployed and runing on Jboss 5.1, from one Java app, so what are the steps for achieve this (please,if someone can explain me step by step I appreciate that) ?

(Using Bonita BPM 6.2.1 - Jboss 5.1)


Authorization for a User Group

I have a task that must be approved by a group of users. If any non-authorized user task may not proceed to the next step, but if all authorized users in that group then we can continue with the process.

How do you perform this functionality? How I can state that everyone must authorize one task in common so you can continue the process?

Right now my process goes to the next step, only that any authorized user, and I need everyone authorized, otherwise the task is rejected.

Thank you for your help.

get case number

Hi all,

I want to get the case number and display it in a label.

How I can do? What is the sentence Groovy?