Bonita 7.+ REST Anonymous User


In all the 7.+ Release notes Limitations and known issues it says that

Autologin / Anonymous access to form is not available with the new Form application.

Is this a Limitation or a Known Issue as they are different?

Limitation means will never be implemented, Known issues will be fixed at some stage...

Can Bonitasoft please separate them so we know what we are looking at/for.

for example I don't know if AutoLogin will never, or will maybe fixed in the future meaning I will always have to logon to access any process and or form.


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Do you want to do something like this:

In the release notes they told that is a know issue, and for the moment are not focus on solve this.

The link is a living application, if you need to test it use: "recepcionista-demo" user and password: "demo" without ""


Submitted by Sean McP on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 14:31

Do what - nothing happens? :)

Opps just seen the username and password

however I click ingrese and I see a login screen - Username and password...that's not anonymous or auto login

In the release notes - the title is actually

Limitations and known issues

They are very different:

Limitations are things you can't do...

Known Issues are things they know fail and will address.

Bonitasoft should separate the the moment, according to the release notes it could be either...