Bonitasoft System Requirement for production environment


Hi everybody I understand that in the documentation there is already information about the H/S requirements and it even give this message "The hardware recommended for Bonita BPM Platform is strongly dependent on your environment and processes (number of processes instances, number of current users, operations and complexity...)." which is totally correct but my question is, exist any kind of metric or measure that I can use to determine the H/S requirements given x quantity of process, users etc...?

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An open ended question with an open ended answer... :)

Not that I'm aware of...there might be for a subscription version of the software but definitely not for community. The questions you have to ask are:

are you using community or subscription
are you using multiple servers or one one
what database are you using
what data will be stored
how many processes per hour, minute
what network are you running
inside or outside the intranet
required response time
what RAM
what CPU
what OS

Really the best way is to try and see what happens in your environment, using one of many web and server performance monitoring tools... 2010 but still may be of use


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