Form not sent if a select widget is left empty


Hi all,
I have a problem with a form. I have in it two select widgets. One is mandatory while the second not. So, it could be live empty by an user. Furthermore, the “submit” button has a control such as $form.$invalid.
Now, when I test the form it happens that after have made a selection in the first select widget (because it is mandatory), the button becomes active but the form is not sent (and so my task does not go on) until I select a value also on the second select widget. The strange thing that I saw is:
1. if I change the widget with a simple “text input”, the form is sent even if the field is empty
2. with the second select widget, when I display the form, if I make a selection (so I select a value) and after that I change again the selection to the “empty” value, the form is sent to the application (and the record is write in the DB, of course with a “null” field.
Further details:
a. no mandatory fields are required in the DB or in the process contract
b. I made some test also with another browser (Opera instead of IE) but I found the same issue.
Can somebody explain to me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you,

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This one is the BEST answer!

Angular expects a clean form and in that sense requires a select to have been selected.

The way round this is to create a custom Select Widget and FORCE it to be seen as clean whether or not it is selected.

You can read more here:


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Dear Seán,

thank you very much for your answer. Now I understand the problem. I will study the contents that you suggested and I will find solution.