Forms not showing and preview error


Hello, I have 2 issues which I think are related.

I created a very simple, straightforward form. An applicant must fill in some textfields, thats all for now.

I have 4 variables:

  • dateOfBirth (date)
  • firstName (text)
  • lastName (text)
  • workExperienceYears (int)

I created a simple form. Look at the layout, 2 columns:

So when I want to preview the form I just created, I get the following error:

Of course it's easy to see what's wrong. The URL is rendered wrong somehow. When I correct the URL, the form works.

When I launch the application, the form is rendered wrong again. But this time I can't change anything about the URL. It shows like this:

Is this a bug in the application or am I doing something wrong?


Submitted by stijn on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 23:04

Thank you so much Vincent! You were right about the form problem. I've been playing around for quite some time now and I really think it's great software!

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It seems clear that we have broken the preview. This will be fix in a next release.

The second use case though seems to be as expected. I'd like to point out that when you hit Run you are actually running your process. This mean that you first access to the instanciation form, that has been automatically generated according to your data, then to your human step's form.

You can quickly test if I got your problem right by following:

Hit Run -> Submit instanciation form -> Access to your form.

The good news is that you also can custom this first form.

Select your pool -> Got to Application/PageFlow.

From there you can customize the first form of your process or just skip it.

Hope this help.