Make a REST API extension to get from a task a list of user based on Actor Filter.


I was asked to write a small app to display a list of open tasks, with one column will contains a list of users that are allowed to perform the tasks.

As I understand, there is no available REST API from Bonita to do return a list of Actor Filter data, so an extension will be required.

I have some experiences in coding, but not really familiar with Java or Groovy to write an extension to get the user list from actor filter data.

Could anyone help me with the script or some examples that extract actor filter data from the tasks?

In my research in Bonita's GitHub, I found this project: users-list-actorfilter

Will the script in "UsersListFilter.groovy" do what I need?

Thanks in advance,

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This one is the BEST answer!

Hi, I think you are looking for this contributions: task-candidates-rest-api.

You can also have a look to this example too to help you: assign-task-example