Pending Flow Nodes


Hi All,

I'm currently new to Bonita BPM. I have this issue with BPM flow, when new task is processed it is always end up with status "Pending Flow Node". I was advised to reset and then to restart Bonita BPM engine with some issue with its own engine but the results still stay the same. I'm using Bonita BPM 6.5.1.

Any ideas are welcomed.

Thank you!


Submitted by Sean McP on Sat, 05/23/2015 - 05:45

try this and see what happens,

In 651 export the process Download a new copy of the platform you are using unzip and activate the new version Import the process try it again

Let us know what happens, if it's the same, weird, maybe put it on a share somewhere and someone can have a look at the process for you.


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