Send message between diagrams


Is it possible to send messages between diagrams?

I think i have configured everything the correct way but when i click auto fill in the message content menu nothing happens

And also the message content defined in the other diagram isnt show in the expression edit to select it


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The auto-fill feature is based on a naming convention between process variables and message content when the message is throw by a process (i.e. a pool) that is part of the same diagram.

When sender and receiver pools are in separated diagrams the auto-fill cannot be use. You will need to define message content mapping manually. In the same way you need to define the name of the catch message manually (message name will not be listed in the drop down list).

Even if having both pool in the same diagram make association of throw and catch event more easy (as well as data mapping) I recommend to keep them separated in two diagrams to help collaboration (isolation of editors on each diagram).


Submitted by ffernandezc on Tue, 09/29/2015 - 15:21

Thank you very much the answer is cristal clear.