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what is the recommended solution to manage different settings for studio and deployment server ?

I have custom API url which are different when I'm testing stuff in studio and then I need to change settings when I deploy it.

I was unable to find any place that store this global variable settings in studio , am I missing something ?




Submitted by claudia.avila_1... on Thu, 08/20/2020 - 02:58

Hello Alberto!

If you mean to save the configuration, maybe your connectors to the database or email or that kind of configuration.

Something that our team implemented is to save these variables by environment, I explain to you in the same way we have DEV environment, QA (Environment similar to production) and PRD (Production).

In our case, to access the data from the connection to the database, we save these values (driver, url, user and password) in the windows regedit and develop a script that searches for those values ​​and assigns the values ​​to some local variables.

In this way we simply upload the process to any environment and automatically the correct values ​​are assigned depending on the environment.

Well I hope my answer helps you in something and that it is what you were looking for.


Submitted by Pierre-yves Monnet on Thu, 08/20/2020 - 18:17


Exactly the same direction :-)

Note: BonitaProperties saved the information in the Bonita Database (library creates a new tables). Then, when you backup your platform, you backup in the same time theses information. Using windows regedit is fine, but then you have to backup theses information in a different way.

Good luck!

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This is the goal of parameters. But the parameters are not available for a REST API, only for a Process.

You may have multiple values for a parameter, via an Environment. You can create an environment "DEV", then "VALIDATION" and "PRODUCTION". You give for the parameters "smtpHost" different values for each environment.

This is a Subscription function. In the subscription studio, you can define multiple environments. Using then a tool like BCD, you can decide which environment you want to use at the deployment.

on a REST API, you can use the BonitaProperties library, to save the value of parameters in the database