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Hi !

I would like to know how to pass a parameter from a list of element to a process instantiation form.
I have a list of items and each has a link to access detail (edit / remove...)

My question is about the parameter input :


How should I write what I want to pass ?? I've tried {{$item.id}} but it doesn't works...

Any idea ?

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Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 21:18

Could you explain in a bit more details.

URL parameter will work if you are passing data from one page to another.
In the recieving page , create a url parameter type variable of name id and value Id.
From the sending page, use {{$item.Id}} to send.
But remember, it will only work, one you redirect from sending page to recieving page.
That can be achieved using Link widget. Preset the value to the recieving page and add the Id as {{}}. It would calculate at runtime and open the new page and pass the value.


Submitted by franck.jeandino... on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 09:45

Hi and thanks for your answer.

What I wanted to achieve is a list of items with an edit link in each row. The edit link is supposed to start the edit process by passing the id of the selected list element to the instantiation form.

For some reason using {{$item.Id}} in the URL parameter field wasn't works (with the "fx" icon)...

I managed to pass a json value stored in a variable and succesfuly get it in the following form, but it was a test value, not the specific value of the selected element.

I chose to create a row fragment with an exposed value to bind $item into it. As the fragment has its own variables, I have been able to define one wich return the json value of $item.id and set it in the URL parameter field (with the "X" icon).

So, "mission complete", but I still don't know how, directly set {{$item.Id}} in th URL parameter has json and succefully get it il the next form.


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