Webservice connector output response


I have a webservice connector which creates an id everytime a particular task is performed.
I have the following as the groovy script output.

import javax.xml.transform.*
import javax.xml.transform.dom.*
import javax.xml.transform.stream.*
import org.w3c.dom.*
import groovy.xml.DOMBuilder

Element root = ((DOMSource) response).getNode().getFirstChild(); // warning
NodeList result = root.getElementsByTagName("variable");
String xmlContent = result.item(0).getTextContent();

out = xmlContent // warning

I get 2 warnings at the lines shown: " responSe and out cannot be resolved. it may lead to runtime errors."

It works in the older versions of bonita but not in version 7.x.

Any ideas to resolve this would be really helpful.


No answers yet.