Assign a Task to Every User in a lane/group (independently)


I'm looking to have a signoff-like task assigned to every member returned by a particular filter. It's a review/signoff task, so each person needs to complete it independently. I don't know the number of people in advance, could be just one or dozens. I've seen lots of questions about a pool of users being able to do a task, but in that case, only one user actually does the task. I need all of the users to do the task concurrently.



How to set the assignee of a certain lane or human task to a variable set inside a form?

I'm brand new to Bonita, and I was wondering how we could have the user type in a name into a field in a form created by UI Designer (mapped to some variable), and then have that be the assignee for a future human task or lane?

Resources would be greatly appreciated! :)

(Eventually, we might want a form where we can add N number of approvers, and have all those approvers have to approve - does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do this as well?

Task - Start - Assign - Execute latest version...

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.3, Java, Windows 8.1

as previously stated relatively new to Java and its convoluted way of doing things (and never really understanding javadoc documentation (just not enough examples))...I love COBOL, VBA and Assembler...and PL/S if you've ever heard of it...

Anyway following the various examples I'm very slowly getting to the point of success, but having an issue with starting tasks....