Bonita Session

How to get the current user ID?


I'm trying to get the current User ID from within the Edit Expression. Is there any API call that will return to me the user login ID from the session? I know you can do this via the UI Editor but how about within the Edit Expression?

Kindly guide me as I'm new to Bonita.


Share bonita session with another domain

Right now we are using external forms done in .NET and they are in another server what we are trying to do is share the same session between Bonita Server and .NET server so we can use the BonitaBPM Portal and be able to complete and start cases using the .NET forms, we could configure CORS and be able to consume the REST API from .NET Server but for that we need to authenticate from .NET Server to get a valid session and what we are trying to do is avoid that double authentication, we want to share the same session so the user only have to enter the Bonita Portal and be able to consume t