case index number

How to control Case ID?

Hi Community!

Actually I use Bonita Server with Wildfly 7.5.4, I would like to know how I can control the increase in ID in cases because every time it restarts server the ID increase in 1000 maybe it just grows in 10.

If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.

How to prevent wrong case index number on new process ?


I'm actually with bonita 5.2.

I've actually a strange behavior on bonita about case index number.

My actual case index number for active workflow is : #28 and i need to purge every weeks the history.

But, i have some old wf, always open named, by example : WF_TEST_MYNEWPROCESS - #30.
I have to keep it because, it's not finished and still opened and needed to be complete by people.

When i try to start another workflow, the #29 is ok, but starting a second wf name #30 will be blocked and I see why.