How to control Case ID?

Hi Community!

Actually I use Bonita Server with Wildfly 7.5.4, I would like to know how I can control the increase in ID in cases because every time it restarts server the ID increase in 1000 maybe it just grows in 10.

If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.

prevent removal/deletion of case documents on process deployment

When re-deploying an process in localhost dev environment, is it possible to prevent the removal/deletion of existing cases?
For example, I have a “management” workflow that allows me to store a case document. I then record the case document’s ID and URL into a model DAO.
When I re-deploy the same process, I am no longer able to reference the case document as it has been removed/deleted.

Any suggestions?

Can't upload a case document through /bpm/caseDocument POST request

Using bonitaVersion: 7.3.2
I'm not able to upload a document through ../bpm/caseDocument POST request
request_payload is
{"caseId": 38012, "file":"test.doc", "name":"myTestList","fileName":"test_1.doc", "name":"testfiles", "description":""}
and response is
"exception": "class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException",
"message": "Can't parse JSon",
"stacktrace": [