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Date selected on form, assign task to user when date and time is reached.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I have a form with date and duration (time) widget. I want to know when the user set a date and time in the widget, he/she can trigger the next task to user on the date time he/she select? Can it be done?



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In Bonita 7.0, in the Tasks screen, we have the estimated duration for each task.
Depending on the remaining duration is displayed "in 3 days", "in 3 months" etc.

But in some cases, it is more accurate to display the date in days even for a large number of days.
For example: instead of "in 2 months" > "in 64 days"

I don't see any easy way to do this with Bonita yet.

So it would be interesting to have a configurable option to choose the granularity of the date calculations, something like: