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How to change the default URL from "localhost:8080/bonita" to "localhost:8080"?


I tried to change the Bonita BPM (Community - Version 7.1.3) default URL, from "http://localhost:8080/bonita" to "http://localhost:8080/", but I did not succeed.

I always get the following error: "org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException".

I followed every single suggestions that I found on the Community website, and other websites also, but with no success.

Get url of created folder (space) on alfresco

I am using bonita v 6.2.2 and alfresco connector 3.4. I do can create a new folder, but I would like to retrieve the url of the just created folder and store it into a variable. I made something similar with retrieving the int return value of my webservice with bonita web service connector with a code like that