JPQL query with multiple parameter to be used in a WHERE ... IN clause

I'm stuck with the following : I want a JPQL custom query on my business object like this one :
FROM Mission m
WHERE m.poleGestion IN (:polesGestion)
ORDER BY m.dateEtape DESC

I can't tell bonita that the parameter polesGestion is a list of strings, and it doesn't work either if I provide the following string for the parameter polesGestion : "'Val1','Val2'".

Is there a solution to use the IN clause with a parameter in Bonita ?

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Business Data Model - JPQL outer join

Hi, I have two Business Data Model:

Rilievo - nome type:String - controlli type:Controllo multiple (relationship: Aggregation)

Controllo - nome type:String - codice type:String

In Manage Business Data Model (Studio) I want to create a custom query where I load all Controllo not present in Rilievo. What is the query JPQL?

I tried this query: SELECT c FROM Rilievo r RIGHT JOIN r.controlli c ORDER BY r.persistenceId ASC but it loads all controllo :(

Thanks Manolo