Modeling asynchonous catch message with timeout

Increase timeout


I am using a service task component to call an external REST endpoint. The external service at takes time (around 50-55 seconds) to respond and by that time Bonita Service task times out. The default timeout of Bonita service task component seems to be around 30 seconds.

How can I increase the time out of Bonita Service Task?


Receive Message Task with Timeout

I can't help feeling that I'm missing something really obvious here but I can't see how to do something I would have thought would be simple.

Bonita version 724 Community

I need a process to receive a message and to timeout if that message isn't received within a certain duration.

A receive message task with a boundary timer event would seem to be the totally obvious way of doing this, but that's not an option. Receive task can only have error boundary events (which I will use for the time being).