Send a message event via REST API


I have questions regarding a 7.8 new feature : the ability to send a message event via REST API.

Here's my need :
During the lifecycle of a case, I need to wait at a given point for an external backend to send back data for defining the assignee of the next task. The assignee differ from case to case.

I thought about using a receive message task (or event, I couldn't find the difference). Then the backend will send a message event (using REST API ) with the necessary data for the case to move forward.

Receive Message Task with Timeout

I can't help feeling that I'm missing something really obvious here but I can't see how to do something I would have thought would be simple.

Bonita version 724 Community

I need a process to receive a message and to timeout if that message isn't received within a certain duration.

A receive message task with a boundary timer event would seem to be the totally obvious way of doing this, but that's not an option. Receive task can only have error boundary events (which I will use for the time being).

How can I stop message debug when calling API Engine ?


Since I have migrate Bonita between 6.3.7 to 7.3.0, when I call API Bonita, I have message debug for the HTTP request made by these call...

How to clean obsolete messages


I would like to "clean" queued messages from the database.

We are using ProcessAPI.sendMessage() to send messages to a process when some external event occurs, using the "correlation" feature to reach the right process instance.

The normal processing is that when the process reaches the target task, it will consume the message and do whatever is triggered by the event.

It happens that sometimes a message is never consumed, for example if the target task is already done, or if the external event occurs twice (we have no control on this).

cannot login to different pools

i made three different pools and each pool has its own users as actors. when i select all of them and then run the project every time i login with each pools defined user it redirect me to one constant pool not each user's pool.
please help me!

Failed to use a business model data in a throw/catch event

I fail to add a Business data variable as an item of a thrown message event.
If I use only String values, it's OK but the process fails when the content item is a business variable or a list.
I created 2 entities (BDM) :
- Entity property with 2 String properties (label and value) : Hashmap <String, String>
- Entity with some String properties and a multiple (List) of Entity properties
I did it the same way as shown in the "Expense report" tutorial (expense report and report lines)

Message between pools doesn't work if message value type is Integer (BPM6.2.2)


I have one pool finishing with an End Message and another pool starting with a start message. I have one message with one value between the two elements.

If I run my process with a message communicating a Text value it works fine but if I want to send an Integer value the message doesn't go through.

Is it normal?

I haven't tested other data types.


Parallel gateways not working

Hi all,

I have a 2 pools diagram (A and B). Start task is on process A and at some point I need to wait for a message from pool B, so i decided to put a parallel signal to syncronize processes, but all tasks next the gateway are not executed. It seems that the gateway is not working.

I'm using bonita 6.2 community,

Thanks, any help is appreciated.