How to test POST rest api connector?


I wanted to ask how to test a POST request using the rest api connector in Bonita. I'm not sure if the one I created is working. I've manage to make GET request work though.

Thank you.

HTTPS/SSL Configuration Failed & Cannot Revert Back to HTTP


I would need a bit of help with SSL configuration on Bonita please. I try to follow the documentation here:

But unfortunately, in my case, the pre-requisites does not fully apply: the bundle has already been started few months ago and I have the system running in HTTP since that time.

How can I stop message debug when calling API Engine ?


Since I have migrate Bonita between 6.3.7 to 7.3.0, when I call API Bonita, I have message debug for the HTTP request made by these call...

How to display table on conformation task page .

i m using bonitasoft community 6.3 on confromation i just downloaded defauly html generated. and add table on it , but now i want to display some process variable's data into that table . how can i get this process variable data from that html

pl pl specify need code .

how can i refactor this code .

REST API Bonita 6.x Authentication 401 Unauthorized

Hello guys,

i am really new to bonitasoft.

Please help, i am writing my thesis at university and i already spend too much time on this issue and cannot go on because of this problem.

I did installed bonita(didn't need to do any configurations), created organisation and a process and deployed them. Now i want to integrate the bonita engine with a remote custom UI.

Problems with api type http and server

If i configure my Bonita in "" to http api type. The http api doesn't work ( server doesn't respond), are there any changes which i also have to do?Are there any other documents which could help me?