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Hello, If you have ever experienced the following error when accessing Bonita login page using IE 11, this article is for you :


Also, when checking the console on your IE11 browser following these steps :

  1. Start IE
  2. log into the portal
  3. Press the F12 key on the keyboard
  4. In the debugger, click the Console tab

Were you able to have the same error as the following?

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Component: Bonita | Version: 7.9

This document is intended to avoid unwanted SERVICE OUTAGE and pause in the execution of processes. There is below a known list of problems:

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What's wrong?

These error message can be found in the migration log when the tool reach the following step moving to version 7.8.0:

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Let's suppose you have your Tomcat with Bonita up and running, and you have a third client application that needs to consume Bonita rest API.

You may have communication issues that you need to troubleshoot.

The goal of this post is to show how to log the access information in Tomcat.

Before getting into the details, just a few words about Bonita rest authentication...

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Component: Linux or java process | Version: N/A


The failure occurs sporadically.

The two servers are active and the service is available.

All of a sudden, the load balancer fails to find an healthy bonita: Internal Server Error 500 is received in response to the HTTP requests.

These messages are generated in the log files:

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Component: sap-jco3-callfunction | Version: 1.0.0
Component: Bonita | Version: All | Edition: Subscription

ConnectorException: Can't get a SAP Destination Provider

We are using the bonita Connector in order to Call a SAP function (BAPI, RFC or ZBAPI) using SAPjco3. There are several connectors used with different tasks, which are part of several processes.

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Component: Bonita Engine | Version: All

Oracle Database error - WARNING: error running recovery on resource 'jdbc/bonitaDSXA', resource marked as failed (background recoverer will retry recovery) (error=XAER_RMERR)

I am having this error when starting Bonita, what can be happening :

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Component: Engine | Version: N/A

I cannot deploy the in my portal and see this error in the bonita logs:

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Component: PostGreSQL | Version: 9.3
Component: Bonita | Version: 7.8.3

Downloading the configuration from Bonita engine database into the local disk using pull is super slow: arround 60 seconds.


Usually, this action is taking less than 2 seconds.