Let’s start with a closer look at Bonita 2021.1: teamwork and DevOps get a boost

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As promised yesterday, let's start diving into new features of Bonita 2021.1. Whether you are using Bonita Community or Bonita Enterprise, you will discover in this post some great new functionalities.

With Bonita 2021.1, we've open-sourced an unprecedented number of features to unify development tools and processes between Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise.
And we've eliminated upgrade & downgrade issues between Bonita 2021.1 Community and Enterprise editions. Start with Bonita Community, stay with Bonita Community...OR upgrade to a Bonita Enterprise 2021.1 subscription without pain.

The open source Community edition of the Bonita platform includes all capabilities required to develop and deploy process automation projects as a team. Let's take a look at these essential features and how they can help your project.

Today we are focusing on teamwork and development methodologies

Team development has never been easier in Bonita Studio, thanks to GIT integration. You can start to work on a form and at the same time, another developer can work on the process design modeling. Artefacts of Living Apps are all saved on a shared repository. You can share the same information with post-synchronisation.

clone from git

All the power of Git is available directly in your development environment.


As part of your project methodology and quality process, your team members might want to work in different environments. That’s possible now thanks to multi-environment management. You can switch projects,

and define all the environments you need from development to production.

Want maximum benefit from automation in your DPA project?

Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) is now part of the Bonita Enterprise Subscription bundle by default. BCD enables continuous delivery in Bonita projects and leverages best-of-breed technologies such Jenkins and Docker for continuous integration capabilities.

Stay tuned! tomorrow I’ll tell you more about extensibility and connectivity.